Bump to Baby Package

Included in the Bump To Baby Package:

– 1:2:1 support throughout the full plan

– Access to our exclusive support group where you will find recipes & snack ideas

– Clean eating meal plan (dairy, wheat & gluten free meal plan)

– Shake recipes

– Pregnancy & Post-Partum Exercise plan

The Plan:

As all mummies-to-be know nutrition is vitally important prior to conception but also during and after pregnancy too! Our Bump To Baby Package has been specifically put together to ensure your body gets all of the nutrients it needs during this critical time. Having the best nutrition will give you the peace of mind that your body is in the best condition it can be to help nurture the growing life inside you and will help to ensure your baby gets all of the goodness it needs to grow big and strong!

Our products are the most scientifically researched nutritional supplement on the market which comes in the form of shakes & capsules.  Our products are proven to reduce oxidative stress, strengthen the immune system and increase nutrients in the body by over 2000%. It is the essence of the 30 portions of fruits and vegetables that can help the body repair during intense stress. The additional benefits of all these antioxidants going into your blood stream is that you will have more energy and the varied amounts of nutrients will help reduce estrogen receptors and cleanse the liver.

Part 1- Shakes 

Our Complete Shakes can be used for a variety of uses however part of the bump phase of the plan you can use them for boosting nutrition or simply acting as a health snack throughout the day. You can also use your shakes for a pre-post workout drink as they also rapidly speed up recovery, and will give you that extra boost needed for a great workout!

The Shakes are made from 5 plant proteins and also include the essence of 17 fruit and vegetables. The Shakes come in two delicious flavours; Chocolate or Vanilla or you if you can’t decide you can choose a mix of both! The shake are completely safe before, during and after pregnancy. You can also use the shakes when breastfeeding too as a way to boost milk production due to the added calcium!

The shakes contain low Gi carbohydrates which are slowly absorbed into your body.

Check out the ingredients for the Chocolate Shakes here and Vanilla Shakes here

Many independent studies have proven the shakes effectiveness with:

  • Better skin (conditions such as eczema and psoriasis)
  • Better Hair and Nails
  • Improved digestion (has been known to help with conditions such as IBS)
  • Better sleep
  • Vitality

Add Part 2 – The Premium Capsules

The Premium’s contain the essence of 30 fruits, vegetables, berries and grapes! Imagine flooding your body with all those nutrients first thing in the morning!

Berry Capsules: Contain 12 different berries: concord grape, red currant, blueberry , cranberry, blackberry, bilberry, raspberry and elderberry.

Fruit and Vegetable Capsules: Vegetable contain: Carrot, Kale, Broccoli, Parsley, Cabbage, Spinach & Tomato. Fruit contain: Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Beetroot, Pineapple, Acerola Cherry, Peach, Papaya, Date & Prune.

To view all ingredients used in the Premium Capsules please click on each for the ingredients: Berry, Fruit and Vegetable

The Capsules have been tested through our Gold Standard Scientific Studies and have been proven to help with:

  • Better hydration
  • A reduction in cravings
  • Increased energy
  • Faster metabolism
  • Better skin
  • Quicker hair and nail growth
  • Improved sleep patterns

Our Bump to Baby Package is NOT a weight loss plan therefore our shakes should be incorporated in to your diet as a healthy snack or breakfast shake. It is important to ensure are keeping your metabolism up so that your body doesn’t think you are starving it. This is a DAIRY FREE detox however alongside combining your shakes with yummy milk alternatives such as Soya, Coconut Milk, Rice Milk and Hazlenut Milk you will be adding your RDA of Calcium which is important for your baby to grow healthy teeth and bones!

We recommend keeping active throughout your pregnancy as this is recommended by Doctors to help you during pregnancy, labour and also increases your chances of your body returning back to normal after the birth.

Once your baby as been born and you are no longer breastfeeding you can also use your shakes & capsules/chewables as part of our after baby fat loss plan to help you slim down to your pre-pregnancy weight.

TRYING TO CONCEIVE? It Takes Two!… Get your partner on the Premium Capsules too! Good nutrition helps to improve the quality of sperm and will help to increase your chances of conception.

Need more reassurance? Please follow this link direct to Dr Mitra Ray’s website where she talks about pregnancy and the effects of Juice Plus on you and your baby. http://www.drmitraray.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/ee6a074a-9759-046e-adc2-788b1798c65d.mp3


How the plan works:


Have one shake for breakfast or for snacks or pre/post workout aids.


You’ll need to take 6 Capsules a day, two of each variety.

Only take the Capsules with a pint of bottled water.

Bump To Baby Package Costs: 

Bump to Baby Package: £96.50 per month for 4 months by direct debit or £374 upfront payment

All products will be delivered in FULL regardless of your payment choice.