About Us


Hey Everyone I am Lissie and I am the founder of Eat Clean Queen!

My journey all began back in 2015.

I had a generalized anxiety disorder which was brought on from stress working a very demanding job as a Business Development Manager and I was battling to get some control of my life. Due to health reasons & spiraling anxiety my weight also took a hit and at that time I weighed nearly 11 stone and I was a size 14 which being 5ft2 was the heaviest I had ever been. I was desperate for a change.

I have always struggled with controlling my weight myself as I have had hypoglycemia all my life and also an under-active thyroid which was diagnosed in 2016. My health issues meant that following any kind of ‘diet’ was practically impossible for me. I tried lots of different plans some juice only diets, some calorie controlled diets & I followed one well know plan for almost 5 years and never lost more than a few pounds here or there.

Most of the ‘diets’ I had previously followed were plans whereby you can still eat pretty much what you want as long as its within a certain calorie goal or number of points. This meant that rather than learning about the right foods to eat I ended up just eating what I wanted to eat but less of it. This meant some days I would only eat pizza and a porkpie because that was all my points or calories allowed for the day. I didn’t know what I should be eating to be ‘healthy’ and I thought cutting quantity of food was the way people lost weight. I was totally clueless.

My relationship with food after having tried so hard to loose weight for so long had become negative and I started to try out other ways to loose weight, one of which included taking laxatives & eating glucose tablets just to stop me from having a hypo attacks.

The change I so desperately needed came about in May 2015 when I saw my friend posting her journey on social media and could see what amazing results she was having. She had gone down from a size 18 to a 10 and she looked incredible. Because I have known her for so long I knew what a challenge weight loss had been for her in the past and because of this I felt impelled to find out more.

I was really skeptical at first about how the plans would work for me as I hadn’t heard of it before and because of my sugar level problems I really doubted that I was going to be able to do the plan and sustain it without falling back in to my old bad habits. I discussed my health issues with my friend and she told me about a Client she was working with who was insulin dependent diabetic and she was also having amazing results.

Hearing the other Client’s results encouraged me to take the plunge and I ordered the Shake Plan to get started. I was sent over my Welcome Pack which included meal plans, recipe ideas and loads of tips for staying motivated and was also added to the online support group where other people in the same situation as me could come together to get advice & share our journeys.

Within two weeks of being on the wheat free, dairy free & gluten free detox plan I lost 4lbs which I was thrilled about. I was feeling a lot healthier, energetic and my IBS had cleared up almost completely. I also couldn’t believe how much food I could now eat! Having been so restricted on my previous plan I really enjoyed being able to learn about portion size, how to eat well and I also really enjoyed not having to log every single thing I put near my mouth!

After those two weeks I then started my shake plan. This plan was to consist of two shakes per day for Breakfast & Lunch, two snacks (mid morning & mid afternoon) and a healthy nutritious meal for Dinner. I was apprehensive going on to the shake plan as I thought this was where I would really struggle with my sugar levels. How wrong was I! I found the plan really filling and I really enjoyed it! I loved experimenting each morning with different shake ideas (my favourite being the Chocolate & Banana Shake) and this also rubbed off on my Husband who also became partial to a shake in the morning because he loved the taste of them! Together we really enjoyed making the recipes I had been given in the meal plan and we both learnt so much about how to eat right for your life rather than how to just diet.

After 2 months on the Shake Plan I had lost 2.5 stone and had dropped from my previous size 14 to an 8. To say I was overjoyed would be understatement. Alongside my plan I did Boot Camp sessions 3-4 times per week, attended the gym and even managed to get myself a set of ABS!

Here are my photos which show my journey & my results:

I never realised how much of my anxiety disorder had been started because of my negative self image. At my worst I was so debilitated by my disorder that I couldn’t drive my car for 2 years and I couldn’t go out in public without feeling afraid of people around me. In July 2015 after 2 months on my shake plan I got back in my car and drove myself to work for the first time. I also went out in public with my then Fiancé and for the first time didn’t have a panic attack. I finally had some control back of my life and I was feeling more confident and empowered than ever.

By the end of July 2015 I had also ordered the Premium Capsules to add to my plan to help me stabilise my weight loss results. To my astonishment I had some other really good results which included; my hair which had been bleached for almost 10 years and never grew had started to grow thicker and stronger, my nails weren’t flaking constantly and the mild acne on my face and eczema I had on the tops of my arms had disappeared!

I was feeling the best version of myself I had felt for almost a decade and I asked my friend that had introduced me to the plan about how I could too help others with their journeys. I couldn’t bear the thought that out there there was another woman sat at home hating herself not knowing how to make a change. Because of my experience I felt impelled to make it my mission to reach out to as many people as I could with the products and plans.

And that is how ‘Eat Clean Queen’ was born.

I have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of Men, Women & Children of all different ages, backgrounds, cultures, dietary requirements all with varying goals and as such I have vast experience in helping those who need it to achieve their goals.

We have plans suitable for many different applications, such as weight gain, boosted nutrition, fitness specific plans and plans which can help with various medical concerns. Juice Plus is the most scientifically researched whole-food nutritional brand and has have over 35 gold standard peer-reviewed studies which back up the effectiveness of the products.

I am the biggest advocate for what we do and to date i have lost in total 11 Stone over my weight loss journey and post-babies. Time and time again my plans have been the ‘Ace’ up my sleeve I need when I don’t feel my best.

Because of my own personal love for what we do and the products I am proud to say I am one of the lucky people that gets to say I love what I do for a living. Since starting in the business I have been able to start working from home full-time rather than working a conventional job which is fantastic for us as since i started i have had two children. Oakley who is 3 years old and Autumn-Rose who is 1 year old. Being a slay-at-home Mummy really was a dream come true for me and our business has also given me opportunities i never thought were possible. Before kids were on the agenda I bought my dream car & bought a pair of Louboutins with my bonus and I have paid outright for holidays to places such as Barbados, Lanzarote & Greece outright without having to save up. The business has offered me chance to travel & the opportunity to meet the most incredible people.

I have now run my business for over 5 years and I can honestly say not a day goes by where I don’t fall in love with what I do more and more. Being in a business where I get to be inspired, make an impact and still make an income still blows me away!

In early 2017 alongside my Husband Matt and I have also launched ‘Eat Clean King’ which is the more male-friendly side of the business!

Read on to find out about how Matt got involved….

Hey Everyone, I am Matt, Lissie’s Husband and Co-Founder

I have always supported my Wife with her business and have acted behind the scenes since the early days to not only support her in her weight loss goals but also help her establish a successful business.

I started trying the products back in 2015 when Lissie started by just having a the odd shake here and there in the mornings for breakfast. Who wouldn’t want healthy chocolate milk every morning..! I was sceptical about the results Lissie would have initially as I had seen her try so many different things before and I didn’t want her to be disappointed again by lack of results. Just like Lissie said we were both totally shocked by what incredible results she had and it was amazing to see my Fiancee regaining her confidence & turning back in to herself again!

In late 2015 I started using the Shakes properly myself not only for Breakfast but also for pre/post workout aids. I had embarked on a new fitness regime to prepare for our fast approaching Wedding in June 2016 and was already eating clean (thanks to Lissie!) but i needed something to help me with muscle recovery before and after workout as prior to this I had been training and feeling dizzy after as my muscles were being starved of energy!

My main goal was to cut fat on my stomach and I also wanted to bulk up a bit with muscle as I am naturally very lean.

Within a few months of being on the Shakes I had put on a fair bit of muscle & I had started to see my long-lost abs making a re-appearance! Lissie and I also both take the Premium Capsules and we also have the Premium Chewables and they are fantastic at keeping your immune system boosted! Me and Lissie rarely get ill now which is good! Although word of warning to the Men, the Capsules & Chewables do promote hair growth & my beard grows like crazy!

Here are some photos of my journey & results:

As Lissie says I have become a more permanent fixture in the business now heading up the Eat Clean King side of our business. I am a successful business leader in my own right in another field and i love what i do so this is not my full time role, however, I enjoy helping & mentoring other Men to achieve their results just like i achieved mine and i love networking, travelling & meeting new people!

The business has certainly made me more committed, driven and confident and i cannot thank it enough for what it has done for our Family.

Thank you for reading!