Week 33

Hey everyone!
So Week 33 marked my first proper week off on Maternity leave since returning back from our Baby-Moon. It was ever so strange waking up on a Monday morning (even though it was actually bank holiday) and not having to go to work.
I celebrated my first Monday off by booking myself in with my favourite therapist Lauren who hooked me up with a lovely pedicure, manicure and pregnancy massage. It was so lovely to be pampered and was quite funny as i hadn’t slept well the night before and i kept dozing off and making an ‘AHH’ noise as i woke myself up again!! Its crazy but the more i fought the need to fall asleep the more i did it! It had me and Lauren in stitches!
After my massage i came home and sat down to catch up with my clients and team. It was amazingly liberating being able to sit down for 4-5 hours and work solidly on my business. The sense of freedom is just incredible, who else starts a Monday with a pampering session & then working around their timetable?Knowing i now have time to do all of those things that i didn’t have time to do before is just incredible!
On Tuesday my Health Visitor came to visit me at home to discuss care of the baby after birth and to explain how their involvement works. She was also here to discuss the benefits of breast feeding, but after i basically gave her a class on why i want to breast feed & how i plan on going about it she didn’t have much to tell me!!
We also discussed my anxiety issues that i have struggled with in the past which was a challenging conversation as she explained to me that because of the issues i have had i am likely to be pre-disposed to Post Natal Depression (PND). I know that is a possibility but having someone actually say that to you is quite scary. The last thing i would want is to have desperately tried for a baby for all this time and then have issues bonding when he is here. Like anxiety there is little you can do to stop it happening either as its a chemical imbalance in your brain. I am just hoping that with my pregnancy yoga & hypno-birthing and support from my birthing partners and family i can keep it at bay!
I also had a very hysterical visit to Ikea this week with my Sister, Neices and Brother-in-Law. It was almost 30 degrees on the day and i couldn’t get cool. I spent the whole time we were in Ikea feeling like i had wet myself….for any ladies who haven’t been pregnant i will enlighten you. SO BASICALLY you sweat so much from the inside of your legs because your hot that it actually feels like you have wet yourself, if your lucky like me you may even have thighs that touch when you walk which adds to the effect. Its really glam. HAHA 🙂 I must have weed about 5 times in an hour whilst we were there due to fear that i would wee myself!
I have now decided that it probably isn’t the best idea going out in public for long amounts of time now on hot days so i am planning on sitting those days out in the garden in the shade or in the house sat in my pants in front of a fan. To be COOL is the GOAL!
This week Baby-G has 100% had a growth spurt. I will add some pics in here for you to see. He is so much heavier to carry and turning over in bed is becoming almost impossible!! These last few weeks are the baby’s ‘fat packing weeks’ and that couldn’t be more evident! His movements are getting more jerky and i am starting to be able to sort-of identify what it is thats kicking/punching me. At the moment his favourite thing to do is push his bottom in to the right side of my bump in the evening. It feels super weird and amazing but i just love squishing it and knowing thats my little boys bottom! haha!!
On Sunday i also had mine and Baby-G’s baby shower which was lovely!! It was so nice to spend time with my nearest friends & family and it was very emotional too! I can hardly believe that i celebrated a baby-shower! I never thought i would ever get this far. My Sister had surprise for me and Vanessa from Forever Cakes delivered a baby-shower cake for me. It was insane just like our wedding cake was that she made for us! She had put a rainbow on the cake, a giraffe & other safari animals and Baby-G in bunting. It was the most amazing cake!! My sister also said for me to shut my eyes and she had added a ‘It was always you’ topper. I hadn’t cried up to this point but i burst out crying. The strangest thing is the balloon that my Sister had just written ‘Baby-G’ on burst as i read ‘it was always you’. It was such good timing it was almost as if someone was outside ready to pop it as soon as i opened my eyes to see the surprise!
We always talk in our family about how the baby i was supposed to have i will one day meet so the ‘it was always you’ cake topper couldn’t have been more perfect!!
My baby-shower was my dream Peter Rabbit themed shower and my Sister went to such amazing efforts to make the day as special as possible. She had a little help from my Mum and my Best Friend Jess and i cant thank them all enough for the day they gave me!
One thing is for sure is that Baby-G got super spoilt! He got a cocoon-a-baby, lots of clothes, soothers, bibs and socks and i even got a little treat from the Sanctuary in the form of Pillow Mist & Bubble Bath which smells dreamy!
When everyone had gone and me and Matt sat down to look over the incredible pictures my Sister had taken throughout the day I got really emotional. I am pretty sure i have been in shock since loosing Doodle in June’16 and i don’t think I’ve come out of that shock. So much has happened in a year and i feel like my emotional compass is having a freak out! Trying to compute how i am sat there next to my now Husband, having gone through what we did and survived it, about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and about to welcome our little boy in to the world. WOW. The past year has been the greatest and the saddest year of my life. A total rollercoaster, and it feels like we are about to get off the ride, and i CANT wait! Its been a tough year of worrying and uncertainty.
So thats me for Week 33 all!

Take care and keep safe <3 Lissie xxx